Cancer Screenings and Treatment Options

Your skin’s path to a safer tomorrow

At AZ Skin Institute, we lead the battle against skin cancer with expert Mohs Surgery. Dr. Layton, M.D. employs this precise technique, prioritizing your comfort and confidence, sparing healthy skin, and leading you to a healthier, cancer-free future.

Dr. Layton, M.D. ensures thorough skin cancer treatment with electrodesiccation, targeting affected tissue precisely while preserving healthy skin. Your comfort and peace of mind are our top priorities. Trust us for superior, personalized care.

Dr. Layton, M.D. employs cryotherapy to safely remove early-stage skin cancers and other lesions. Our precise, minimally invasive technique prioritizes your comfort and well-being. Trust us for top-tier skin cancer care on your path to recovery.

Following our full body examination, if a skin irregularity raises concern, Dr. Layton, M.D. offers expert biopsies to ensure accurate diagnosis. Our minimally invasive procedures provide quick results, enabling timely intervention when needed. Trust us for exceptional diagnostic services and optimal skin health.

Dr. Layton, M.D.’s extensive training ensures precise pathology analysis, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders. Trust us for exceptional pathologic insights and the best possible treatment for healthy skin.

AZ Skin Institute’s Full Body Skin Exams prioritize early detection and patient comfort. Trust our expertise to promote your skin’s health and well-being through timely intervention.